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Skyrocket 5” Blume Dolls

Another friendship is a surprise away! Blume girls mystically grow to meet you and play! Simply add water 


A little sprinkle is all it takes… 


Will your new friend be Rare or Super Rare? 


You won't know until you Blume her! A playset in every pot 


Waiting inside is a mystery space for your new companion to put down some roots! Design to coordinate her style. Outfits, Accessories, and Mini Friends—Oh My! 


Each Blume doll's mark style is characterized by her choice of garments and selection of friends. So many surprises hidden inside! Mix. Match. Rehash. 


Swap outfits and shoes to make your fantasy look. Their unbelievable hairdos are tradable too! Together is in every always better 


The main thing sparkling more splendid than their personality is their friendship. Collect all 22!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review