Xploderz 500 Count Ammo Refill Pack

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Product Overview

If you have an Xploderz blaster, this 500 count Ammo Refill Pack is a great way to continue the fun. Ammunition is stain-free, hydration-based and explodes on contact.

Each refill kit contains enough ammo to make 500 rounds. With more ammo, more distance and more power, Xploderz let you outblast and outlast your opponents.

Xploderz ammo can be inserted into an ammo depot, or ammo clip (both sold separately). Stock up ammunition for your next battle. Be prepared to reload and xplode faster than ever with this 500 count Ammo Refill Pack.

Instructions are also included. This item is recommended for ages 8 and up.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review